Andrew Glantz

Andrew Glantz is a passionate and accomplished legal professional dedicated to providing exceptional representation to his clients in need. As a member of Glantz Law Offices, he brings a fresh and dynamic perspective to the practice.

Andrew’s areas of expertise: family law, criminal defense, bankruptcy, and OVI/DUI matters. With a focus on family law and criminal defense, he is experienced in handling cases related to divorce, child custody, and support. Andrew also advocates for clients facing criminal charges, diligently working to protect their rights and achieve favorable outcomes.

Andrew Glantz earned his Juris Doctor from The University of Akron Law School, where he honed his legal skills and developed a deep understanding of the law. His academic achievements are complemented by his practical experience and a strong commitment to staying updated on legal developments.

Beyond his legal practice, Andrew actively engages with the community and supports local initiatives. He is driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact and improve the lives of those around him.

With his unwavering dedication, extensive legal knowledge, and a client-centered approach, Andrew Glantz strives to deliver the highest level of service and obtain the best possible results for his clients. His passion for the law and commitment to justice make him a valuable asset to Glantz Law Offices.